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Know Why Carrot and Beetroot Juice Is Great for Diabetes

Changing lifestyles often leads to various ailments that not only are dangerous in the long term but sometimes also do not have any cure. Diabetes is one such disease in which a person’s blood glucose or blood sugar levels get too high. When the body stops naturally making insulin hormone and the glucose does not flush out, diabetes sets in, causing a host of other issues as well.
Diabetes can be divided into type 1 and type 2, where in the first type the body does not make use of the available insulin and in the second, there is absolutely no production of the hormone at all. Type 2, which is more of a hereditary malady, is very common. Over time, those suffering from diabetes are at risk of various other dangerous problems like skin issues, eyes ailment, heart and kidney problems and even nerve disorders.

One can simply get blood tests done to find out the status of diabetes and if one is suffering from it, a daily routine involving exercise, sugar-less meal plan and an active lifestyle can help control it. Even though diabetes can be controlled, it is very important to regularly monitor it.

There are many dietary changes a diabetes patient can make to their lifestyle. Carrot and Beetroot juice for diabetes are balancing foods that contain essential dietary fibers. Also, juice is loaded with the goodness of iron, potassium and ore that are essential to give natural energy to the body. Juice of Carrot and Beetroot for diabetes work positively having low glycemic score. The juice also is a rich source of betalain and neo-betalain that help in reducing sugar glucose levels.

Few benefits of drinking Carrot and Beetroot juice regularly:

  1. 1 Improves immunity

Also, both Carrots and Beetroots are high in vitamins and minerals and hence keep the immunity strong against other diseases. The power juice is high on anti-oxidants that keep the free radicals at bay, hence fighting against bacterial and other viral infections that a diabetes patient is prone to. Beets and Carrots also help with digestion and improve metabolism. They are also a natural cure for constipation.

  1. 2Lowering blood pressure

Both Carrots and Beetroot in juice form are high on nitrates that help in decreasing a significant amount of blood pressure. Those who suffer from diabetes should really take care of their blood pressure as the disease is known to cause an imbalance.

For those suffering from weight issues or diabetes or any other health disorder, we recommend to get in touch with your doctor before consumption of the juice.

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Drinking Carrot and Beetroot Juice helps lower blood pressure.

  1. 3Reduces nerve damage

According to doctors, Carrot and Beetroot juice contain a high level of alpha lipolic acid that are said to prevent the skin cells from dangers of aging. The mixed juice also reduces nerve damage that causes pain and numbness in hands and feet and heals immensely.

Drinking Carrot and Beetroot Juice reduces nerve damage.


Disclaimer: It is suggested that patients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes should make dietary changes only after consulting their doctor, to avoid any side effects.

Source: http://www.thehealthsite.com