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Carrot And Beetroot Juice For Diabetes

Know Why Carrot and Beetroot Juice Is Great for Diabetes

Changing lifestyles often leads to various ailments that not only are dangerous in the long term but sometimes also do not have any cure...

Carrot And Beetroot Juice For Skin Top

Awesome Ways How Beetroot and Carrot Juice Is Great For Skin

Carrots and Beetroot, being a rich source of iron, vitamins and minerals are collectively the most beneficial foods when it comes to skin care...

Pregnancy Myths 1

Coconut Water During Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

Is Coconut Water good for pregnancy? Or Is it safe to drink Coconut Water during pregnancy?...

Carrot Beetroot Weightloss

Carrot and Beetroot Juice Benefits for Weight Management

Both Carrots and beets are usually considered best veggies for salads and juices. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, they not only are great for aiding weight management but also provide the required energy ...


10 Ways to Remain Active at Work

The sedentary lifestyle and the nature of work that keeps people confined to their desks are taking a toll on their health...


Start an Active Life before Age Catches Up

The increasing work pressure and the growing competition are the two main reasons why more and more people stay glued to their desks for longer hours...


3 Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

A stressful job and long working hours could see you spending long hours in your office...


5 Healthy Ways to Add More Fibre to Your Diet

Nowadays, it is a trend amongst adults to 'Google' every ingredient of what they eat, particularly for processed and packaged foods...


3 Healthy Habits that will Help you Stay More Attentive at Work

How often do you feel tired or lethargic at work? Sitting at your desk in front of a ...


How to Rejuvenate After a Long Work Day

After calling it a day at work and coming back home, it is often difficult to de-clutter the mind and relax. Whether it's fretting over pending emails...


5 Ways You Can Make Jogging Interesting

Jogging, an increasingly popular exercise is one of the best ways to achieve and maintain good health...


Tips to Adopt an Active Lifestyle

Work has become more competitive than ever before, and our work life is gradually taking over our personal life...


How to Maintain Daily Workout Routine Even When You're Busy

The competitive world does not let anyone compromise on their vocational responsibilities. At the same time...


5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Stay Fit

Technology may have given us a lot but it is taking away one thing that is very precious – our health...

Sports Group In India

Five Must Join Sports Groups in India

Sports groups are sprouting up pretty fast on the Internet and India is not an exception. These groups are meant not only for...

Replenish Your Body

10 ways to replenish your body with nutrients after a workout.

Wondered why you get tired after a workout? Well, it is because the muscles and...

Healthy Body And Mind

Yoga - For a Healthy Body and Mind.

From centuries Indian gurus have practiced the art of Yoga that has now been popularised as a method of exercising in the modern world.

10 Fun Sports

10 fun sports that are great for exercise

With the urbane crowd hitting gyms and eating well, it is obvious that maintaining a toned physique and embracing a holistic lifestyle has...

10 Inspiration Track

Ten Inspiration Tracks to Carry while Running

Music is a healer, entertainer and most of all motivational in nature. Apart from comfortable sneakers..

Best Things To Eat

Best things to eat/drink before a cycling trip

Biking is a good way to improve fitness. Be it a ride in the park or part of an intense training, this sport helps

Inspire Yourself

How to inspire yourself to take the first step towards an active lifestyle

People have become extremely conscious about fitness and health. Often, taking that first step towards...


A Meditation called Running

We run to warm up, we run to be fit, we run to lose weight and we run for a healthier us but did you know that running is also a form of...

Healthy Drink

Healthy Drinks for Active Days

Besides having frequent intakes of caffeine many of us are habitual of snacking between our meals. Junk food happens to be a popular choice and it adversely affects our health in the due course of time...