Beetroot Carrot Juice - 100% Healthy Vegetable Juice

  • Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juice: 100% Reconstituted Juice Content
  • Contains no added sugar & preservative
  • No added colour or artificial flavour
  • *As per USFDA Guidelines
  • Carrot & Beetroot Juice - Try this heavenly combination of healthy beetroots & tasty carrots today! Real Carrot Beetroot Juice helps cleanse your system of all toxins and also works great as a drink to control diabetes. Well, what are you waiting for? Gra

Benefits of Carrot & Beetroot Juice

The nutrients and energy of a fruit and vegetable juice is the best thing you can have for an active day. And a glass of Réal Activ mixed fruit beetroot carrot juice is the best thing you can start your day with.

A unique mix of choicest luscious fruits like passion fruit, apricot, guava, orange and grapes, seamlessly blended with nutritious veggies, beetroot and carrot, make this one of the best healthy juices, rich in natural antioxidant nutrient ß-Carotene. ß-Carotene, through body physiological activity gets converted into Vitamin A, which is helpful for a healthy vision and skin. Experience the most authentic fruit and vegetable taste with every sip of this juice and be assured of a healthy and active life.

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Beetroot Carrot Juice by Real - An Overview

Réal Activ mixed fruit beetroot carrot packs pure health and natural nutrients. It has natural sweetness of fruits and no added sugar. It has been prepared from the freshest fruits and vegetables, handpicked from best gardens and fields. This makes the juice one of the finest tasting in the country.

Each pack of Réal Activ uses advanced six layered Tetra Pak technology which ensures freshness for 6 months without any preservatives. A glass (200 ml) from this pack is equivalent to one bowl of mixed fruit and vegetables, where the content of fruit and vegetables in one bowl is approximately 300 grams. This makes it healthy and filling. With no extra sugar or preservatives, pick up the glass with complete peace of mind.

Nutritional Facts

PER 100 ml (Approximate Values)

ENERGY 48 kcal
Natural Fruit Sugars 12 g
Added Sugar 0 g
FAT 0 g
Vitamin C 8 mg
ß-CAROTENE 600 ug


Water, Blend of fruits and vegetables juice concentrates (11.66%), [pineapple concentrate, orange juice concentrate (1.95%), Passion fruits juice concentrate (0.84%), Bettrool Juice Concentrate (0.58%), guava puree concentrate (0.58%), Carrot juice concentrate (0.54%), carrot puree (0.52%), mango puree concentrate, apricot puree concentrate, banana puree, apple juice concentrate, vegetables juice concentrate (celery, cucumber, sauerkraut, beetroot, onion, pepper and lime juice concentrate), Apple juice concentrate, Grape juice concentrate