Coconut Water – 100% Tender & Pure

  • 100% tender coconut water rich in essential electrolytes
  • No added sugar, colour, flavour or preservative
  • Fat Free
*As per USFDA Guidelines

Benefits of Coconut Water – Health & Happiness

Real Activ Coconut Water is the second best thing you can have, the first being the original fruit. With each sip, you restore the essential elements of well-being in your body and work towards maintaining an active life.

Made from young, green and tender coconuts, chosen carefully from healthy trees, Real Activ Coconut Water is a low-calorie and fat-free solution packed with minerals that so often miss out from our daily diet. The package retains the original taste and nutritional values of the tender coconut along with the natural goodness, to bring you a healthy, tasty and enjoyable drink. Sip on to quench your thirst as well as gift yourself the most important components for a life of health and wellness.

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Real Activ Coconut Water – An Overview

Real Activ Coconut Water packs pure health and natural nutrients. It has natural sweetness of the fruit and no added sugar. It has been prepared from the best fruit, handpicked from best gardens of the country.

Each pack of Real Activ uses advanced six layered Tetra Pak technology which ensures freshness for 6 months without any preservatives. A glass (200 ml) from this pack is equivalent to water of one tender coconut, making it healthy and filling. With no added sugar or preservatives, pick up the glass with complete peace of mind.