Mixed Fruit Juice: Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Juice

  • 100% Juice content rich in essential nutrients and fibre
  • No added sugar, colour, flavour or preservative
  • Rich in natural antioxidant nutrients
  • *As per USFDA Guidelines
  • Mixed Fruit Juice by Real Activ makes for the ideal breakfast drink. Give your day a refreshing start with this Mixed Fruit Juice. It doesn’t contain additional color, preservatives or sugar, just the goodness of 8 Healthy Juices. Revitalize your body wit

Benefits of Mixed Fruit Juice - 8 Healthy Juices in One

It's time to embrace the bliss of exotic goodness! A new offering from the collection of Real Activ healthy juices is the 100% Mixed Fruit Juice.

It's a seamless blend of 8 assorted exotic fruits like Pineapple, Apple, Grape, Pear, Orange, Banana, Mango and Apricot that are delicately picked from the world's finest sun-kissed orchards. Its taste and other appealing aesthetics make you start believing in the goodness of Mixed Fruit.

So pick up your pack now and kick-start your journey towards an Activ life!

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Mixed Fruit Juice by Real Activ - An Overview

The natural goodness of 8 exotic fruits in one pack! That's how Real Activ 100% Mixed Fruit comes to add a zest of health to your lives.

It contains 100% natural sweetness of fruits with no added sugar, color or preservatives. Squeezed from the finest assortment of exotic fruits, it is the finest blend of good health and great taste. What’s more, it is carefully packed using advanced six layered Tetra Pack technology which ensures freshness for 7 months without the use of any preservatives.

Nutritional Facts

PER 100 ml (Approximate Values)

ENERGY 48 Kcal
FAT 0 g
Sodium 40 mg
Natural Fruit Sugars 12 g
Added Sugar 0 g