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Coconut Water During Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

Is Coconut Water good for pregnancy? Or Is it safe to drink Coconut Water during pregnancy? Well, Coconut Water is said to be one of the best drinks for pregnancy and being highly nutritious and fat-free, it keeps the body hydrated and refreshed as well. Packed with electrolytes, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium and chlorides, Coconut Water in pregnancy replenishes natural salts in the body and maintains the fluid balance. Also, Coconut Water during pregnancy helps to build up immunity of both mother and child and regulates kidney functions. Being the best alternative to the toxic colas and caffeinated drinks, doctors highly recommend a moderate intake of Coconut Water in pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a lot of women suffer from urinary tract infection and since Coconut Water is a diuretic. Even though one can have it at any time of the day, during pregnancy, it is advised to consume the nutritional water during early morning hours to derive maximum benefits. It is always advised to pick up green and fresh coconuts and drink the juice immediately after cutting them in order to prevent the fermentation, which begins after an exposure on air.

Even though Coconut Water during pregnancy is considered to be the best health substitute, there can be few allergies associated with it, and hence it is very important to consult doctor before you begin to consume it regularly. Also those suffering from gestational diabetes should limit their intake due to its high content of carbohydrates.

Since it is completely safe to consume Coconut Water, there are also many benefits of Coconut Water in pregnancy that one can reap.

– Coconut Water during early morning hours during pregnancy gives maximum benefits.

Benefits of Coconut Water in pregnancy:

  1. 1. Provides essential electrolytes
  2. 2. Stops heatburn
  3. 3. Prevents constipation
  4. 4. Improves energy levels
  5. 5. Low sugar content
  6. 6. Harmless for fetus
  7. 7. Improves immunity
  8. 8. Natural diuretic

Benefits of Coconut Water in pregnancy

1Provides essential electrolytes

When we perspire, our body loses fluids and even the mineral levels dip to a great extent which must be restored immediately in order to maintain the balance in the body. As explained earlier, Coconut Water contains a moderate mix of proteins, vitamins, sugar and essential electrolytes that are essential for a healthybody. . These nutrients also help maintain the water balance, which is very important for the health of a pregnant woman as well.

2Stops heartburn

Heartburn is a common problem in pregnancy and hence it is imperative to moderately consume Coconut Water in order to get rid of the issue.

3Prevents constipation

Another common feature in pregnancy is the discomfort caused by constipation and Coconut Water intake reduces the problem. Being low fat and low sugar, Coconut Water gets digested easily and helps in hydrating the body, thus relieving of constipation. The water also aids bowel tolerance and the high amount of fiber in it ensures the smoothing of excretion process.

Drinking Coconut Water pregnancy prevents constipation

4Improves energy levels

A lot of pregnant women suffer from unexpected and sudden bouts of loss of energy and power. Drinking Coconut Water regularly can immediately give an energy rush

5Low sugar content

Since Coconut Water is sweet naturally and has lesser sugar, it is safe to drink without any side effects. Coconut Water is also packed with rich dietary fiber which is good for health.

Due to low sugar content, it is safe to consume Coconut Water during pregnancy.

6Harmless for fetus

Coconut Water is completely safe for the fetus and in fact provides all the necessary nutrition to the growth and healthy development. All the necessary nutrients and minerals in the miracle water provide the best resources to the fetus.

7Improves immunity

The best way to improve and increase immunity especially during pregnancy is to regularly consume Coconut Water. The micronutrients in the water are said to help boost immunity levels and increase body’s tolerance against diseases and changing-weather ailments. Coconut Water also is loaded with high levels of lauric acid, which is used by the body to make monolaurin – a fatty acid that helps fight disease.

8Natural diuretic

During pregnancy, women have a lot of discomfort in using the toilet. But it is better to drink a good amount of Coconut Water in a bid to flush out excess toxins and keep the kidneys in a good health. Coconut Water helps in maintaining the potassium levels in the kidneys and prevents kidney stones in the long run.

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