Fiber+ Multi Fruit Juice

  • 100% juice content rich in essential nutrients and fiber
  • No Added Sugar, Colour or preservative
  • Real Activ Fiber+ contains unique dietary fiber “Resistant Maltodextrin” Which helps: Manage Weight and Stay Fit, Keep Digestive System Healthy, Maintain Heart Health, Enhance Fullness.
*As per USFDA Guidelines

Goodness of Multiple Fruits Packed Into One Juice

The benefits of fruits for the health is not unknown to man. Imagine what happens when you regularly intake a healthy mix of the best from the basket. That’s precisely what Real Activ Fiber+ Multi Fruit brings to your table.

As a unique blend of fiber-rich and exotic fruits like fruit, apricot, mango, orange, apple, guava and banana, each glass of the juice packs in the essential nutrients that you need for a healthy and energetic life. A rich source of dietary fiber, each glass of the juice is surprisingly low on calorie. The fiber in the juice helps promote your good health and well-being. The added soluble Dietary Fiber present in the juice i.e. Resistant Maltodextrin is clinically proven for multiple health benefits. So start your day with a glass of Real Activ Orange Citrus Punch and lead a life of natural wellness.

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Real Activ Multi Fruit Juice – An Overview

Real Activ Fiber+ Multi Fruit juice packs pure health and natural nutrients. It has natural sweetness of the fruits and no added sugar. It has been prepared from the best fruits handpicked from the bets orchards of the world.

Each pack of Real Activ Fiber+ Multi Fruit uses advanced six layered Tetra Pak technology which ensures freshness for 6 months without any preservatives. Fiber present in one glass (200 ml) of this pack is equivalent to Fiber in one Apple (90 g). With no added sugar or preservatives, pick up the glass with complete peace of mind.