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5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Stay Fit

Technology may have given us a lot but it is taking away one thing that is very precious – our health. From mobiles to the internet, technology has brought things closer and made life much easier. Perhaps too easier! Staying fit is no longer an option in today’s otherwise sedentary lifestyle. How do you stay fit while keeping up with the constant stress and pressures? Here are five incredible simple ways of doing so.

1Nothing’s better than H20

The body needs to detoxify regularly. Forget about every other detoxifying technique that the world says exist out there; just drink water and keep drinking 8 glasses a day. Water is the magic beverage that is available in abundance and is still the best way to detoxify. Make sure you increase the dosage during summer.

2Sleep 8 hours – No less

Whosoever said that you can sleep just 6 hours and still be fresh may not be fully correct. It has been proven time and again that the human body is designed in such a way that it needs 8 hours of complete rest for it to rejuvenate and function properly. Sleep early or at least make sure you complete 8 hours of your sleep time. You will notice the difference within a day or two.

3Good Breakfast

The human body needs maximum nutrients and energy download in the morning. It is the body’s way of preparing for the rest of the day. You may think of skipping lunch or dinner if you are in a hurry (though you shouldn’t) but don’t skip on your breakfast. Make sure you load yourselves with a high nutrient diet every morning.

4Increase Physical Activity

Today’s sedentary lifestyle is only adding to the health problems in people. While it may not be possible to quit your job or leave what you do for a living, you can do something about how you get to work from home and vice versa. Walk to your office if you can, cycle if you can’t walk and if you can’t do both, at least take the public transport to your work place. Walking up and down the staircases in the metro stations or bus stations will at least do some good to your body.

5Concentrate on your Breathing

How you breathe can have a great impact not only on your health, but also on your longevity. The body and brain need oxygen, and we often forget to breathe in properly during the day. Make sure while you are working at your desk or doing anything for that matter, to be more conscious of your breathing. It is a habit that you might have to inculcate and may take some time, but it can bring in a lot of benefits to you and your body.

Staying fit is not that difficult if you just follow these simple yet amazingly incredible ways. However, the tricky part is inculcating a habit of these ways which may take some time but will surely bring positive results over a period of time.