Orange Juice: 100% Sugar Free Orange Juice

  • 100% Fruit Juice
  • No added sugar, colour or preservative
  • Rich in natural antioxidant nutrients
  • *As per USFDA Guidelines
  • Real Orange Juice is not just another healthy juice; it also packs the best delicious juicy taste! Our Orange Juice has 100% Juice Content, it does not contain added sugar, color or preservatives. This is what makes Real one of the best Orange Juice Brand

Benefits of Orange Juice

Oranges are rich sources of essential vitamins and fibre. Yet, they are low in calorie. Isn’t that a reason enough to have the healthy juice included in your daily diet?

That’s precisely what Réal Activ orange juice brings to the table. Oranges are excellent sources of Vitamin C and a good source of ß-Carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A which is believed to help in maintaining good vision and skin health. For people looking to live an active life, Réal Activ orange juice is a great source of antioxidants, helping you stay healthy and fit. So, do yourself a favour by sipping on to a glass of Real Activ Orange juice every morning.

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Orange Juice by Real Activ - An Overview

Réal Activ Orange packs pure health and natural nutrients. It has natural sweetness of fruits and no added sugar. Juices from the best oranges handpicked from the best orchards of the world are brought to you by Réal Activ Orange. This makes the juice one of the finest tasting in the country.

Each pack of Réal Activ uses advanced six layered Tetra Pak technology which ensures freshness for 6 months without any preservative. A glass (200 ml) from this pack is equivalent to the juice from 2 oranges, considering each orange weighs approximately 90 grams. This makes it healthy and filling. With no added sugar, colour, flavour or preservatives, pick up the glass with complete peace of mind.

Nutritional Facts

PER 100 ml (Approximate Values)

ENERGY 52 kcal
Natural Fruit Sugars 13 g
Added Sugar 0 g
FAT 0 g
ß-CAROTENE 400 mcg


Water, Orange Juice Concentrate (20.9%) and Vitamin C